Scottish Gas

Scottish Gas is a trading name of British Gas which is used in Scotland only.

For more information about British Gas see this page about the company and the services they offer.

4 responses to “Scottish Gas”

  1. Charlene Galbraith says:

    Please can you offer some advice? I am a lone parent of 3 children (4), (6) & (8). I am putting in on average £35.00 to £40:00 per week on gas but only use the heaters periodically throught the day and evening. We dont use gas for cooking or hot water. We just feel that we are constantly running out of gas & getting up with the kids in the morning when its -3 outside is a daunting experience. Do you have any recommendations regarding settings on the boiler etc or any other advice? Many thanks.

  2. J Harding says:

    Have been offered a freeze on both bills with 7.1% on top, could you please tell me if I am still better off with this offer?

  3. sandy kent says:

    Hi we are retired but struggle to pay our gas bills&electric bills and on pension credit we are very careful when to put the gas central heating on just for evening .Is their any help we could have .Thank you

  4. jim mcdowall says:

    Hoping you can help have been trying to contact Scottish gas regarding getting gas reconnected and new meter put into unit we have taken over.

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