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In 1995 Manweb and ScottishPower merged, and combined they provide 2.5 million homes in the UK with power.

Your serviceswill still be provided through the same pipes, cables and lines and Lloyds will take care of the switch so there will be no charge. Lloyds TSB claim it can take ‘less than 10 minutes’ to sign up and that the cost of your bills should be lower.

Selling points

  • Manweb research into renewable energy sources beyond what a number of other suppliers do, and ScottishPower own hydro-electric and wind farms across the UK.
  • Promise to deliver quality and value for money services.

Supplier services

  • Green Green
  • Online Online
  • Dual Fuel Dual Fuel
  • Fixed Billing Fixed Billing

Packages on offer

Standard gas tariff

Gas package for most users

Standard electricity tariff

Electricity for most users

Gas & Electricity Package

Save more money by getting both your gas and electricity from ScottishPower/Manweb.

Online energy service

You can save even more money by opting for paperless billing and ScottishPower/Manweb’s online account service.

No standing charge service

You can opt to pay no standing charge, so that all you pay for are the units you use.

Green energy tariff

ScottishPower/Manweb offers various options for customers wishing to take the more environmentally friendly options.

Prepayment option

It is possible to use a top-up option to use prepay for your gas and electricity account.

Ways to pay your bill

  • Direct debit/standing order
  • Online
  • Credit/debit card
  • Cash/cheque through bank/post office
  • Prepayment

33 responses to “ScottishPower”

  1. Alison Truesdale says:

    Scottish power did not send me a bill for 3 years, despite my monthly phone calls. The first bill i received was a Final Demand! So I paid it and they insisted that I go onto monthly direct debit. So I did. After 2 months my statement showed me to be in credit. The next month they sent me a letter saying “to prevent you from going into further debt…” they increased my monthly payments by 50%. !!!! So I switched to British Gas and have had no further problems.

  2. William Cameron says:

    We, my wife and I, pay by standing order £83.50 per month. The bill just goes up and up yet we were led to understand prices would go down?
    Our latest statement is £97.88, we avoided lights, heating, etc to no avail. Will bill never reduce?

  3. Mrs Elizabeth Simson says:

    My elderly parents were bumped onto ScottishPower Manweb without any choice. The direct debit has been continually changed; they have been told they are hugely in debt which has caused both to become more seriously ill as a result of having no one person to speak to to query the bill. They have paid excessive sums to anonymous persons over the phone and there is no resolution to their requests for clarification.
    Rate this service below ZERO

  4. Sharron Langham says:

    After being told by Scottish Power that my monthly direct debit was sufficient and my statements coming in showing credit for 9 months, they have upped my direct debit by 50% and are refusing to lower it as they deem it a more suitable amount!

  5. Andy Shelley says:

    My son and his family have just moved into a new house and the utilities are provided by scottish manpower. the gas meter had a debt on it from the previous tennant and scottish manpower will not remove this debt from this meter. so far my this week they have put fifty pounds on the meter and they have only received less than ten pounds supply of gas. this company should be banned from supply gas to its customers because alll they are concerned about is ways to rip off their customers. i would advise all customers to leave this company as soon as possible

    • Sam Runham says:

      Strangely it’s 2015 and having moved two weeks ago into a property supplied by Scottish Power, I have had exactly the same issue, I have rung every day since March 21 and every day an engineer has been to reset the meter, today I am waiting for another engineer and they admit they owe me 88.50 but will send me a card which I have to credit 4 times and then they will credit my meter with the money they owe me!!!! Ombudsman …… where are you

  6. Derek Armitage says:

    I have an agreement with Scottish Power that I can represent a lady over 80 who has failing eyesight. The sales side will promise you the earth. Because of her age she has a ‘carefree package’. However, customer service doesn’t reply to my letters so it is little use having a carefree package. This lady had transposed day and night meter readings, e.g. a lot more units used on storage radiators, charged on the day tariff, and vice versa. SPM wanted to up this DD to £82 from £33. If you are certain that you are right – just telephone your bank and stop the direct debit. It is surprising how quickly SPM will respond! They will correspond with you. I would recommend anyone to stay with SPM until your problem is solved, then switch and don’t ever go back. I’d rate it less than zero but your scale doesn’t permit that so it has to be one.

  7. John Gibbs says:

    I had a pre-pay card meter account with S. Power Manweb. In Jan 06 they sent me a statement saying I was £190 in debt, when queried about this they admitted to having had a computer problem in Sept 05 resulting in them loosing data on “numerous accounts”. Despite me providing them with my own readings from the meter from this period and the dates and amounts of payments made, by the time I changed my supplier (May 06) they had managed to “misplace” £315 and where trying to charge me £302 for electricity I had already paid for! Only after the threat of legal action did they find the money I had paid them over the previous 9 months even though I had a letter from them admitting they had lost it.
    I am now with Equipower and very happy, low prices and no standing charges.

  8. Carol Doyle says:

    I accidentally lost my gas card for my prepayment meter, I phoned manweb as I had no supply of gas and I have a child under 5 and other young children. After a lengthy wait on the phone I explained my dilemma to an advisor who said there was no available engineer at my area at that time, as soon as an engineer was available they would be at my assistance. That was yesterday, I have since been informed that an engineer would be available within 4 hours, then I was informed that this information was wrong and they don’t know when an engineer would be available, and failed to put a new gas card in the post so I won’t receive my new card until Saturday, providing it makes the post so I will of spent 2 days and 1 night with no heating, no cooker and no hot water for my children! Needless to say I won’t be staying with manweb!!

  9. John Day says:

    After slipping behind on some payments and getting into minor debt (couple of hundred quid) we thought we’d do the sensible thing and prepay by meter. With a small amount extra per-week to pay. Three years on, the extra per-week has increased 3 fold, the meter eats money at irregular rates, they never stick to any arranged visits (cost me days of work). We are rarely able to get any reliable figures out of them, accept that the debt is still increasing, have only seen a few statements during that time. We are trying very hard to get out of this, by saving up to pay the debt off in a lump sum, because until thats done we cant even switch suppliers. Helpful they are NOT, they have some very nice ‘fishing hooks’, which you can wiggle on.

  10. Sophiemaddison says:

    Scottish Power in my opinion are shit. I was told they were to be cheaper a month before I switched to them I had a bill of £45 for 3 months of gas, which I thought was great. After I moved to them thinking wow they could be even cheaper. I was fooled, after a month I received a bill of 150 pounds then a week later it had doubled too 312 pounds! When I phoned to sort this out they had told me they didn’t know about the letters which is not true. So anyway I went on a pre-payment meter to be sure of what money I was spending, they then sent me a latter saying I owed £400!!!!! I was fuming, they seem to think that I owe them £400 the week that I was put onto the meter. I wrote a complaint and am taking legal advice.

  11. Amanda Burrow says:

    My property has been vacant for 4 months and it has a key meter, my previous tenant has left a debit of 1075 pounds. I am not sure how this has happened as it is a prepaid key meter! As the landlord I need a new key and would like the meter changing to a quarterly bill system. What do I do, as I have spent almost 1 hour trying to speak to the correct person.

  12. Matthew Ronaldson says:

    As like Carol Doyle, I also lost my card with children being investigative and this being a card it can easily happen. Now with snow on the ground and 5 children with no cooker heating hot water, I have to wait 3 days for a new card? Hum here’s an idea. Man web you see the shop that you pay for your gas at why not store some cards in a tin in those shops then everyone warm clean and fed, after all this is the 21st century were we make things happen at the push of a button not 19th century. Last time I looked Queen Victoria was not in power.

    Thank you for the customer service. Top class!

  13. C Brooks says:

    Our consumption has gone down over the last 2 years but our payments have gone up by £12 a month. This in spite of the press release in March saying prices have gone down…. Can’t wait to change supplier.

  14. Marie says:

    I moved into this property by Barnet Council – I am a temporary. The previous tenants left a huge bill on a key meter and Scottish power have adjusted the key for me to pay it all up.

  15. Geoffrey Courtney says:

    I have a gas/electricity package with edf. Except on 2 occasions over the last 18months I have been in Credit, once as much as £238 (gas). My electricity payment has been reduced from £60 to £43, but edf want to increase my payment from £55 to £75. Can this be right?

  16. Angie Robinson says:

    Scottish Manpower are the biggest robbing company I have ever come across after telling me how much I was going to save by switching, silly me did just that and had a prepayment meter in to pay off a small debt £268, what they didn’t tell me was that they would be taking £15 ever week to cover the bill and if that wasn’t in the meter at the time they would rob £7.50 every time I put money in. When I rung them up I got this arrogant git on the phone who refused to listen to what I had to say refusing to take the meter out but said he would lower the payments from £15 to £7.50 what a laugh. In the last 6 weeks we have put £70+ in the meter. I am no longer going to put up with this and I am seeking legal advice any one knows a very decent company who doesn’t rip you off I’d be very grateful if you could let me know.

  17. James Laidler says:

    My tenant failed to pay his gas bill on time etc and I now realise that the flat has been fitted with a pre-paid meter. Does anyone know how I can have a normal gas meter installed? I know the previous occupier and can provide contact details etc

  18. Laura Mcmanus says:

    I recently left scottish power and on my final bill was told that I owed them £169.?? but I have a prepayment meter but I am one of the lucky ones as I phoned to query this and got a very nice person on the phone I think her name was Anne, she then looked into it for me and found out scottish power owed me £29.20 but I know some people that would not question a final bill and just pay it so please please if you don’t think it’s right question it.

  19. Jason Taylor says:

    My gas card stopped working in my meter after I’d put a tenner on it and for no apparent reason, I rang they said you’ll have to pay £8 for a new one so I did that and all I get is invalid card and I’ve tried 2 now and I went home first before putting money on it so know I have 37pence emergency gas for me, my partner and my daughter, 3 gas cards and no gas, plus I’m another £16 out of pocket and I don’t have a clue what I’m doing…

  20. LInda Organ says:

    Hi Jason the same thing has just happened to me today. I had to buy a card for 8quid when I got back to register it and put money on it said DUMMY CARD! I’m 14 quid out of pocket the same as you. I’m absolutely screamingly livid I’ve got not heating or hot water.

  21. janet bundy says:

    I went with scotish power via their dual fuel direct debit, when i did my last meter reading i owed £49 as i new had changed my usage, ie no tumble drier, dish washer, got rid of my great big telly, cavity wall insulation, new double glazing, they emailed me to try and get my payments up to £122, i rang and said this was stupid as i was not using as much because of the above, and they would only have to pay it back, i have had a more intelligent conversation with my dog, well we have to base it on your previous usage, in the end i said i wanted to pay by bacs and wanted to cancel the direct debit and if i owed them i would pay it off and would want them to read my meter, i used to pay sourthern in this way and had no problem, any one any thoughts.

  22. Tracy K says:

    I moved into a newbuild house 13 months ago. I signed to scottish power for gas and electricity and paid £80 per month direct debit. For the ENTIRE time I have lived here they have billed me for energy used by the builders of my house, to my address and instructed debt collectors to retrieve payment. They even wrote a letter to me to say I will be blacklisted despite me telephoning EVERYTIME i got a bill through the post, I had to spend almost an hour a go telling their staff on the phone that it wasnt my bill, which they said sorry for and that they’d sorted it out. Then straight after without fail in the next post is an even higher bill from them to my address, demanding money and threatening debt collectors! To top it off THIRTEEN months later after calling them endless times, when I told them I had a meeting with a solicitor that afternoon to seek legal advice a manager called me back and I taped the phonecall, and he said the staff “hadn’t bothered to phone it through” to get it dealt with! I have now written to watchdog and filed a complaint. Another manager has emailled me to say sorry and offer £50.00 compensation, which I very much doubt would even cover my phonebill spent dealing with this for the last year. A disgusting service, awful staff, unhelpful complaints department, and utterly useless company. Once this is resolved I’m leaving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Mark C says:

    I moved into new house. There was Scottish power already so I get new card by post and I start using it. Every time I top up 75% of my top ups went for a debt which I never had with them. After hours on phone calls and sending xxxx emails to them nothing was sorted. They said that I have to top up card for 3 days for 1 pound a day to get my refund….JOKE. I’m still waiting for my 36pounds to be refunded. No point to contact them again because only thing they can tell me is “please hold the line I check that for you”

  24. paul galloway says:

    Don’t use this service, my gas has went of 2 night sat night at 6 o’clock and I have tried 2 ring scotish power only 2 be told that the office is now closed and they can only deal with emergencies like smell of gas and there is no other contact number, what a joke so now I have 2 go till Monday with no hot water and heating with a 3 yr old son and my oldest son who is disabled. Well I am fuming and heads will roll Monday morning and I’m going 2 the papers with this hope u lose a lot of customers.

  25. Heather says:

    My daughter is with sp useless. Every three months computer reviews account and they will put up your direct debit. Call them and say you do not give them permission to alter d/d and you will take them to ombudsman and you will chase them for bank charges too. Insist they speak to person who has authority to deal with this and don’t give up. They have tried this twice now and not succeeded. Was with southern before and no problems. Will be going to another company asap

  26. R Stuart says:

    My tenant caused a fire in my property and the property was empty for 3 months with no power until builders arrived and restored the place 3 weeks approx. I then received a threatening letter from CCS demanding I pay the bill for £124 (yet there was no power for almost 3 months), when I called CCS to explain this and ask why I had been sent this, they were very rude and aggressive and demanded I pay them immediately or else I’d have a bad credit history for 6 years!! At this point I laughed & told her I would be seeking advice from my solicitor & hung up on her rude mouth! I called SP who then informed me that I still had to pay the bill which was now £111.68 as even though the property was empty, I still had to pay a surcharge for having a meter!!!! Ludicrous!!! I will never use them or recommend them ever!! The Man I spoke to was totally blasé and seemed uninterested in my complaint and the term “dead as a door nail” comes to mind!!

  27. carol meins says:

    Southern electric tried to give me a bill and threatened me with legal action to recover the amount I did not even owe. I have prepayment and was very much in credit as I like to keep warm in winter x bah !! They basically tried to rip me off and as for threatening me with court action too !!! ANYWAY.. I FIRMLY advised the complaints operator of my legal rights as told them that if I received any more silly letters or contact whatsoever after the conversation has ended I would be contacting a solicitor. I am giving Scottish power a go at the moment but I am keeping a close eye on all of the suppliers tariffs. I will be changing to the best for me x

  28. Ian says:

    Scottish power seem to be a bit miffed, because I paid £10 to get my gas meter disconnected. Now they say they want to charge me £100 for NOT buying their gas ! The only alternative, is to meekly give them £400 ! I said I’ll pay my gas engineer to remove this meter. {there was nothing wrong with the old meter, and they changed it without my permission}, but they said that was highly illegal !
    I imagine others are being scammed in this fashion by Scottish Theft. Are they serious ? Are anyone really been taken to court by these idiots ?

  29. Georgia says:

    When I was moving into a new property I was told Scottish power were the suppliers so I rang to get the name changed over they did all this and I told them a date I was moving in and they said everything would be up and running by the time I move in and prepayment keys would be sent out in the post which they weren’t so I rang I also told them that there wasn’t a prepayment meter in the house when I went to look and they said they’d come fit one, the day I moved in the council came to take the cap off my gas only to be told the valve had been totally cut off and no gas supply was running I told the man that there should be because Scottish power told me that it would be running by the date I moved in then to be told off the council man that it wasn’t supplied by stottish power it was utilita and he couldn’t so nothing till I had a gas supply after ringing Scottish power they told me I would of needed to wait 2 weeks for a prepayment meter to be fitted but I told them I needed it sorted today as I have a 2 year old in the house and it was their fault as they told me they were the gas suppliers which they weren’t! Said were sending an regency contractor out that night no one turned up had to ring again in the morning they finally sent one out at dinner time the. I rang my council to say there was a gas supply and they said id have to wait until the next day told them i cannot wait till the next day as I have a two year old and it was actually my nanas funeral the next day so I would not be in and they said if I wasn’t in tomorrow a Friday I would have to wait until Monday, is this legal that they can make me wait that lonng without gas when I have a small child

  30. I would like a statement or some kind of letter letting me know if I’m due any rebate regarding my gas, I’m on a preayment metre and moved into my address 21st January 2013 and not had any letters in my name only previous tenants gas statement comes by postman and I have to continuously tell him no longer lives here.

  31. Sarah moore says:

    Sp are taking the p*** I’ve lost my gas card yersterday tried to call them go no answer except automated Machine voicemail.. For emergencies only like losing my gas card isn’t exactly that important I have a child aged 3 this company has no heart and jus want to take ur money I got through £10 in two days including emergency credit. I thought it was my boiler as it was very old and was always breaking down and now have a new boiler and it’s still the same would definitely not recommend this company to anyone I will also leaving this company once I get my new card #waitinggame

  32. colin hilton says:

    Scottish power have had me on 2 different account numbers and have been sending me bills on both nos, the mind boggles with these people. so “I AM OFF ” Cant be any worse with another supplier. I suggest mr Scottish power boss that you get your finger out and train your staff to do their job because you are running a RAG SHOP.

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