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Utilita Energy Limited
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As the leading provider of prepayment Gas and Electricity in the UK, Utilita aim to offer a fairer deal to lower income and energy conscious households through the use of modern smart meters. The first energy supplier to model itself on the needs of prepayment customers, Utilita is focused on maintaining competitive tariffs and developing user friendly ways to pay-as-you-go.

Selling points

  • £10 ‘Emergency’ and ‘Friendly Credit’ when you need it
  • Competitive Prices
  • Easy Remote Top-Ups for your convenience
  • Free and Easy to Use Smart Meters with every aspect of their service explained in a simple and user friendly way
  • UK based Call Centre with a friendly Customer Services Team

Supplier services

  • Domestic Dual Fuel
  • Domestic Electricity Only

Packages on offer

Smart Energy

A prepayment tariff, which provides competitive gas and electricity prices for all prepayment customers. This includes the free installation of easy to use smart meters, convenient remote top-ups and ‘Friendly’ and ‘Emergency Credit’ when you need it.

Energy Saver

For customers who prefer to be billed monthly for their gas and electricity usage and pay via Direct Debit. This is a mid-ranged tariff but is their cheapest non-prepayment option. It does not include smart metering technology.


This is a basic rate tariff for gas and electricity and is their most expensive tariff. It is billed monthly with cash or cheque payments and does not include smart metering technology.

Ways to pay your bill

  • Pay-As-You-Go
  • Direct Debit
  • Cash/Cheque

3 responses to “Utilita”

  1. russ hicks says:

    With both gas and electricity is there a discount? with electricity on pre pay and gas on billing.

  2. kelly harrison says:

    How low does credit have to be before you can use emergency credit I’m down to 45p I want to use it till morning so me and my kids don’t freeze

  3. christine seddon says:

    If I have a debt with my other suppliers, how much debt does it have to be before I can switch thx

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