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Telecom Plus, or the Utility Warehouse Discount Club, aims to provide significantly cheaper energy than most other providers.

Selling points

  • Claim to offer the cheapest gas and electricity rates in the UK.

Supplier services

  • Dual Fuel Dual Fuel
  • Economy 7 Economy 7

Packages on offer

General domestic electricity tariff

Electricity units are charged at the same price regardless of when the units are used.

Economy 7 electricity tariff

Electricity units used during the night are charged at a cheaper rate, meaning that this is a suitable option for households that use more than 15% of their electricity at night.

Standard gas tariff

This low rate is reduced when your pay by direct debit.

Ways to pay your bill

  • Direct Debit
  • Prepay
  • Cash
  • Cheque

6 responses to “Telecom Plus”

  1. Camolin says:

    I have found them to be fantastic, I am a customer of Utility warehouse and i have saved money, the switch was easy and quick, and the customer services are brilliant. Yes you can get through and believe it or not as it is now rare in this country , they really are helpful and pleasant.

    • John says:

      clearly at least 3 of these replies have been written by either people selling UW products or people working for them direct. Have you worked out how to support 3 rate business tariffs yet or are you still potlucking them and charging some people a night rate at off peak and some people a day rate at off peak. just curious as to how you make the decision on which you’re lumping together?

  2. Joel Grant-Jones says:

    The Utility Warehouse is probably the best company I have ever come across… which now doesn’t seem to out of the ordinary because it was recommended to me by a friend.
    He said that because they have no overheads on adverts, shops, white vans, foreign call centres etc. etc., they could give me the cheapest tariffs in the UK.

    I thought wow! and now I take Gas, Electricity, Broadband and Line rental (which is somehow all rolled into one), and a Mobile phone. It’s all on one bill and as far as I’m concerned, forget about the savings I’m making, I get one bill through the door! Amazing!

  3. Utility Warehouse Customer says:

    I think that the Utility Warehouse telecom plus company is excellent. I save money every month.

  4. UW new customer, unfortunately says:

    Poor website, poor customer service, confusing infos, no welcome packs, just arrogant requests… Simply to be avoided.

    • Richard Channer says:

      @ UW new customer. I really must take issue with your remarks, all totally untrue. Utility Warehouse has an excellent and easily understood website, fantastic service (born out by Which? Magazine) and a really warm and welcoming welcome pack. So pleased I switched to UWDC, couldn’t be happier.

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