As the price for gas and electricity is on the rise, you may feel your energy bills starting to spiral out of control. You may think you cannot change supplier and are stuck paying ever increasing bills forever, however, you can actually change supplier and this is where uSwitch can help. uSwitch compare gas (and electricity) supplier charges in your area to see if you could save money by switching your supplier. The comparison site is easy to use and it is completely free. If you find you could save money by switching supplier, then uSwitch will complete the paper work for you to making switching simple and easy.

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As the weather deteriorates in the Winter months in the UK it may be difficult to cut back on your gas usage. Therefore uSwitch can help you cut down your bills without having to cut your gas usage by seeing if you could save money by switching your supplier.

  • They assist you with the process of changing supplier by completing the paper work for you.
  • They will compare suppliers and help you switch free of charge.
  • They will find you the best deal with no bias towards any supplier.
  • They provide helpful tips and advice if switching your supplier is not an option and you need to reduce your bills.
  • You can send them your bill and they will do all the hard work for you to find you the cheapest supplier for your area and usage.

uSwitch, one of the UK’s top gas and electricity comparison sites.

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  1. Velma Henderson says:

    I am looking for advice n info to helps lady I work with save on her bills (currently with Scottish Hydro) and possibly switch supplier. Not really sure how or where to start so hoping you can at least point us in right direction.

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