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E.ON (formerly Powergen) is one of the UK’s leading power and gas companies – generating and distributing electricity and retailing power and gas to millions of homes and businesses in the UK.

Selling points

  • E.ON offers a range of home energy services, including boiler and central heating installation and maintenance.
  • E.ON is also one of the leading green developers, owners and operators of wind farms in the UK today.
  • Earnings for Tesco Clubcard Holders.

Supplier services

  • Guarantee 4
  • Standard
  • Go Green
  • Dual Fuel

Packages on offer

Standard Gas Tariff

Gas package for most users – with removed standing charges so you only pay for what you use.

Standard electricity tariff

Electricity for most users – with removed standing charges so you only pay for what you use.

Direct debit discounts

E.ON offers a discount to customers who pay by direct debit.

Dual fuel package

E.ON offer discounts to customers who buy both gas and electricity from them. These discounts are increased if you also pay by direct debit.

Green tariffs

E.ON offers a variety of green tariffs for the environmentally aware customer.

Ways to pay your bill

  • Direct Debit
  • Prepay using card or key
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Over the phone

Special Services

Age concern tariffs, designed with elderly customers in mind, include a number of features:

  • Free early-warning hypothermia thermometer
  • Three free carbon monoxide detectors
  • Free advice on saving energy in your home
  • Free energy saving light bulbs
  • Cold weather rebates for the winter months

53 responses to “E.ON Energy”

  1. Robert Davies says:

    I have been with Staywarm for some six years, this month they have put my costs up by £79 per month. I feel they no longer wish my account and on calling them they are not interested in Staywarm customers.

  2. Mr. T Green says:

    Received letter from Powergen on Thurs. 24/5/07 at lunch time offering my new rate charge`s. The letter was dated 5/5/07 and giving me till the 18/5/07 to get back to them if not satisfied or in their words they can assume they are accepted now saying I am committed to my next review date in 2008. Have they sent this notice out late as a matter of expediency?

  3. Nasser says:

    Powergen have just sent a letter to my parents. Saying they are going to increase the bill by a massive £70/month.

    So that the yearly bill will be: 1800pounds a year.


  4. Tom Reynolds says:

    As Powergen customers, we are extremely dissatisfied with their lax and inaccurate billing methods. Beware of the direct debit inducements because Powergen “estimates” bills. Our experience of their “estimates” is that they can be up to 20% higher than the actual..so they take more money than they should. We can verify all these claims.
    Currently, the Powergen website is not reflecting the price-reductions which came into force 30/4/07.

  5. Linda Scrutton says:

    My 94 year old father has been with Powergen for as long as they have been in existence and since he went on to direct debit many years ago he’s has been paying £17.50 a month.

    They have just sent him a letter saying they will be changing his DD to £94 a month starting September 2007. It seems from the other comments on this website that he is not alone. How do Powergen expect him to manage an increase of around £80 a month on his state pension!!!

  6. Lee Dutch says:

    How nasty of Powergen to expect consumers to pay for what they have used – you could almost believe that Powergen have forgotten that they are in fact a branch of the social services – – Oh, hang on – they AREN’T a branch of the social services. They are a business selling products for profit. It seems some consumers are trying to evade their responsibilities: if you use more you have to pay more, plus what is wrong with consumers checking the balance of their own account and even phoning in their own meter readings to ensure accurate bills; my energy company (not Powergen) are happy for me to do this. Wake up you lazy customers and smell the coffee – take some responsibility for once & stop bleating.

  7. Susan Boulton says:

    Thought I would let you know what a helpful call centre staff you have.

  8. Dawn Gallagher says:

    I am on a pre-paid metre – when I received a letter stating that I owed the company over £150 or they were going to to take me to court. WAS NOT HAPPY!!!! The whole reason I put myself on the pre paid metre to save from large bills – it took me 44 minutes to get through to someone – then I was transferred 4 times. It is infuriating, the safe used jargon that I didn’t understand and the customer service was useless – I feel let down.

  9. Dawn Anderson says:

    I received a letter on 22-August-07 from Powergen telling me that we owe them £1,347.47 for the last year! We have been paying £110.00 a month direct debit. So in the last year we have used £2,667.47 worth of gas and electric!!! And they are changing our dd to £337.00 a month!!! Outrageous!!!! We just can’t afford it, full stop. Where do they get these figures?? And how do we stand a chance??

  10. Helen Agnew says:

    Really confused. Who is the cheaper electric and gas supplier?£ 67 a month for a small bungalow seems an awful lot per month

  11. Melissa Silverman says:

    I think they are very good.

  12. K. Mustapha says:

    Powergen is awful!!! They cheat you out of money at every opportunity… after two years of waiting for them to change my meter to Economy7, and after all the problems they caused us, they only offered £70.00 off a £700.00 bill that we were told we would not have to pay as a gesture of good will due to all the problems they caused and the amount of time we wasted trying to resolve the problem!!! In short, stay away from Powergen…

  13. Candis Skinner says:

    Giving meter readings to POWERGEN is a farce! Information is incorrectly recorded. Also, bills are often estimated, my meter was last read in 03, (have been told my Powergen they are not obligated to read meters regularly). I have a HUGE bill, even though I have paid my bills and provided meter readings (I have been billed from the last meter reading). Customer Service is, RUDE! POOR and LAX! There seems to be no communication between departments. I’ve filed a complaint, which is in the process of being investigated/resolved and I’m receiving threatening letters from the Billing Dept.

  14. Jamie Walker says:

    I have been with Powergen for 18 months and when moving home and closing my account I was hit with a bill for £480. They said that this was because they estimate usage. I pointed out that I have readings taken at least twice per year so how could my usage be out this much. It’s crazy.

  15. Mr Gn Aylesbury says:

    I took over from a previous tenant and we gave them the reading of the electric meter which is pre-paid tariff as we were discussing. The Customer Service Department stated that I owe them £150.00 for the use of electric as the meter is on the wrong tariff (Unfortunately). I did not set that tariff but it was installed by their engineers and I strongly believe that I should not have to pay for Powergen engineers’ mistakes. I always pay my bill on time and in fact I am in credit of £56.00. Another excuse for Powergen to steal money from their customers.

  16. K Lindsay says:

    I have been with Powergen for 2 years and was paying £30 a month on the Age Concern One Bill but in September I received a letter telling me it would be reduced to £24 a month. I have no problem with either the bills or customer service. Am I just lucky?

  17. Rich Henry says:

    Powergen, what a nightmare…!!!

    Firstly, took 14 calls for them to get my address correct, then average of 3 calls whenever I received an ‘estimated’ bill before they got something close to being correct… Then they shut my account down for no apparent reason, when I called them to find out what had happened, they had no idea what the problem was. I was told initially that I would get a full refund (as my closing bill was a £800+ Credit), and then when the new bill arrived, I could pay the difference with the money refunded. This never happened, and when I called, I was told that the amount of money to be refunded had been stopped as it was too much… They never contacted me to let me know, and then I spent the next month on the phone to them trying to sort out their mistake… I wouldn’t touch these people with a barge pole, total incompetence from start to finish…

  18. Sheree French says:

    What can I say other then it took seven months for them to send me my electricity prepayment key! Despite numerous calls!! During those seven months I had no other option but to use my previous suppliers key to credit my electric meter, so of course my previous Supplier (London Energy) – now EDF!! Ahhhh! – were still receiving payment for electric they weren’t supplying. So I’m in credit with the long lost London Energy but in Debt with Powergen by £200. They seem to not be communicating and I’ve done everything in my power to get it sorted. Powergen only seem to be interested in threatening court action despite it being their fault for taking so long to send the key out, and of course London Energy don’t really exist anymore so what I should do from here I’m really not sure. I strongly advise against Powergen!!! Rude, slow and admin is absolutely terrible. I can’t see how I owe money on a prepayment metre! except the £5emergency on occasion but certainly not £200!! When I was with London Energy I remember the statements coming in the post saying I was in Credit and once a year I’d claim it back… What happened? I know we’ve had several price increases but the electric key updates the meter with changes each time it’s placed in the electric meter, doesn’t it?!?!

  19. Sarah Johnson says:

    I must say that I’m a bit confused as to what people are complaining about… Energy prices have risen dramatically in the past few years (90% on gas and 50% on electricity)… For obvious reasons, people can expect their bills to go up.

    £20 a month just isn’t realistic!!

    I pay £100 per month on direct debit with Powergen, and give them regular meter readings via the internet. Every time I have spoken to them on the phone I have found them to be very professional and polite.

    Obviously if you go on the phone complaining about your bill, which I daresay you’d find no cheaper elsewhere, they may not be quite as nice.

    Stop being ridiculous. If you use electricity, expect to pay for it… and if you don’t keep on top of your bills, then expect a big unannounced increase in your direct debit.

  20. Mrs M Fountain says:

    I phoned Powergen 3 weeks ago as my gas pre payment card was broken. They said they’d send a card, still no card and no gas. They don’t care as long as they’re warm.

  21. Nevin Smith says:

    Seems I’m not alone!! We are on a payment card meter for the gas… We noticed a few months back we seemed to be using a hell of a lot of gas and the gas was running out very quickly!! This week I have put £40 on the card… Yesterday I put £15 on the card and today the meter tells me we have used it all AND the £5 emergency credit… I phoned powergen and guess what? Nothing they can do!!
    I explained we have a newborn and the heating and cooking facilities are gas… Can they please send an engineer to check the meter? Nope, they can’t, only emergencies, and there’s nothing wrong with the meter, you just need to put more money on the card!! NO CHANCE! I looked at the meter today and the last time it was checked was 1997 which I explained to the extremely helpful call centre chap that can do nothing to help anyone apparently (why ARE they there?). I have no problems paying my bills and I am not a whinger, but there is quite clearly a problem with the meter which the call centre chap finally agreed with BUT if I want gas I’ve gotta keep throwing money at the thing. I have asked them to remove it and they wonder why so many people bypass their meters!!

  22. Gavin Dyment says:

    They took my meter away because they got my bill wrong and I refused to pay it till they sorted it out. Then when I told them I had two young children and I would take legal action if they didnt re-fit it right away, they installed a key card meter, and have never sent me a card. So I have to ring them up twice a week to put credit on my meter, that’s when they can get someone to do it. Normally you have to wait 2 days for someone to come. So we just have to freeze and eat raw food as we can’t cook it.

  23. Mrs Michelle Jack says:

    Oh my god… these people that are saying get over having to pay extra go take a jump!!!! The whole point of going on a pre payment meter is you only use what you pay for therefore if you only have £5 for gas and it runs out your in the cold…. I have been on prepayment forever and have just got a letter today 17/12/07 stating that I owe £792.12 for gas used at a different address from 25/06/2001 to 10/10/2002 that was over 5 years old and I was on pre payment so it was supposed to be pre paid… I’m not paying they can put me in jail for it… There is no way I could owe all that money but to top it all they didn’t contact me themselves they got a civil enforcement company involved but what confuses me more is I moved out of that house on the 25/08/2002… God knows what they do with actual information because the information they input into their systems must be from some other dimension.

  24. Angela Sapherson says:

    I hear what everyone is saying. The previous tenant owed powergen over £1000 and they tried to get me to pay for it. They sorted my bills out for a while and then started charging extremely high prices. I was never at home and just had on what was needed to be on 24/7. For 2 weeks I got a bill for £175. I rang and explained that the metre was set to high and wanted someone to come and change the meter or sort it out and they refused. I got that fed up i changed companies. I live in a 2 bed flat and was never in how can a 3 bed house with everything on 24.7 only cost £40 a month and mine over a £100? In 18 months i paid nearly £2000 to powergen. Would not recommend to anyone worst electric company ever.

  25. Kathryn says:

    I am very annoyed I have received 2 letters stating I owe then £90 electricity when I am on a pre-pay meter. They have now passed this onto another company to deal with. The credit company have said they will investigate but if powergen don’t contact them then they will just black list me!! What a joke. What is the point in a pre pay mater if they do this?

  26. Jan Swift says:

    What can I say? None of these comments surprise me and I thought we had problems!! My daughter has a pre-paid metre and has had for 2 years now. Because her address got mixed up with another powergen decided to stop their supply and the other company had no record of her. We now have a situation where no one supposedly supplies them, even though they have been putting money on a card and getting gas for 2 years. Then at Christmas, the card stopped working. No one would come out to them because they had no record of them. Even national grid couldn’t trace them. In the end a national grid person came out and got powergen to say they would send them a new card. This still hasn’t arrived and they have £4 on their metre. My daughter is a wheelchair user and has to have heat to keep warm. So now it’s back to Powergen with a more forceful nature – I am not having my daughter freezing thro no fault of her own!!

  27. Mrs D Woods says:

    We have the thoroughly useless Economy 7 system for our storage heaters. Heat at night and cold by evening when the heat is most needed.

    I rang the service centre to find out about changing to Economy 10 and was told that I would receive some information in the post. That was a month ago and so far none has arrived. Do they or don’t they want the business?

  28. Francis J Doyle says:

    2005-2006 yearly bill £778, 2007-2008 £1402 a rise of 80%. This for staywarm only available to the over 65’s. You do not need to be a genius to guess what I now intend to do.

  29. Andrew Stephen Robertson says:

    Last year, (Dec 06) I got a number of threatening calls from a debt recovery service that said I owed Powergen £400 as bills owed from a Manchester address. I had actually moved from this address in June 2005. They’d assumed I’d been living there until Dec 2006 even though I called them before I left to ask for a meter reading and the next property I moved to, (Sep 2006) I was still a Powergen customer.
    I faxed a copy of the tenancy agreement to Powergen and the debt recovery company. I never received an apology, but the letters stopped. Now, Dec 2007, the letters and phone calls start again, Powergen have given me bad credit rating which meant I got refused for a loan I needed to move to London to study a post-graduate course.

    If this doesn’t get sorted within a week, it’s going to cost me as £250 in non returnable fees from a London estate agent because I can’t afford to pay the full amount of the bond because I can’t get a loan for it.

    Why doesn’t your rating scale include minus numbers?

  30. Andrew Stephen Robertson says:

    Oh and lets not forget their ‘estimated bill’ that they sent me, in a one bedroom flat in the middle of summer, for £180! There’s no way I used more electricity in this period than over the winter. Though to be fair, after I phoned and told them I wasn’t paying it, they ‘revised’ it to a mere £160.
    After I wouldn’t pay that either they did come back with a more sensible estimate. So, instead of estimating and getting it horribly wrong, why not read the meter eh?

  31. Jane Smith says:

    I have been with Powergen (and its predecessor) for 9 years and in two properties. I have had no problems at all. I pay £65 a month for electricity and gas in a 3-bed detached house using payment cards (I hate direct debits). My meters are read at least twice a year and bills are always accurate (I check my meters when I get quarterly bills).

  32. Ann Moore says:

    Powergen have too many different plans e.g. age concern, capped, lower unit rate. I’m totally confused as to the right 1 for me. 1st it was a/c, then I was told no capped, now I’ve got a lower rate and I am so confused, payments of £75, £144, now£71? See what I mean.

  33. Rosalind Kellett says:

    E.On [formerly Powergen] is the gas supplier for a new housing development at which Hyde Housing Association sold my daughter a shared-ownership property. After nine months during which she has felt unable to live in her property because of distress caused by being unable to register her gas meter, it has come to light that E.On had cross-referred my daughter’s meter with two other meters and together with Hyde have apparently tried to cover this up. We have complained to Hyde but it’s increasingly looking as though we should take this complaint to the police. By way of a warning, if you are paying bills that seem too high for what you are using, consider whether you too have a multiple cross referred meter – which seems to be not unusual in new developments. Asked to rate it, I’ve clicked on 1, can’t remove it – my rating of this company based on my experience on my daughter’s behalf is more like minus 5!

  34. Jean Bavister says:

    My father went into hospital in June ’07, then into a nursing home where he now is. His electricity was cleared, he had a final bill, then a letter saying they still owed him money so they sent a cheque to him. Jan 09 received a letter saying he owed them over £2000 and that his day and night readings had been entered the wrong way round. I’m now fighting this for him. This is a disgrace when he hasn’t lived there for over 18 months, they have now offered to reduce it by 90%.

  35. Max Branning says:

    Look. I’m sorry but Powergen have every right to rip you off if you are poor you deserve to be treated with less respect because you pay less. In the sixties failure to pay your bills led to jail sentences in a debtor prison, I say bring these back. My nan keeps saying she is cold because she cant afford to turn the heating on, I tell her get out and do some work and stop snivelling. I think eon should open up workhouses so the peasants of this land are forced to pay there bills bac. BYE!

  36. Nick Schwam says:

    Me and my wife have been with eon for about 18 months we have paid a flat fee of £47 a month since we joined and then outta the blue they send a letter saying we need to pay £74 a month…. and we are in credit almost £100 pound as it stands at the moment… the company is a joke I would steer clear… one star is being nice…. oh and the meter guys that come around are fools banging on your door at all hours, pathetic…

  37. Adam says:

    Always had a good experience from E-On, used them for my gas and my electric for the last 18 months, though now they’ve got me as a customer the problems are starting..

    I got a letter saying they were increasing my direct debit by an inordinate amount, and then when I gave them our meter readings, they’re asking for £1000 or so. They say that in the last three months we’ve used 6400 kW/h… That’s more than double what we’ve used in the year and half before those three months. With no heaters, faulty appliances or building work having been done – this is impossible! If they think I’m paying it, they can take me to court and prove I’ve paid it – I won’t be going down without a fight and if I do have to pay it, they can have a £1 a month!

  38. Stuart Corley says:

    I have been with Eon and the former company Powergen for 15 years. Most of the time it has been fine and I’ve been happy with them. However I am thinking of changing after all of this time.

    Because. The call centre charges are expensive almost 60p a minute and recently I have been out of money before I had a chance to speak with them. Its now impossible, other companies have a free phone service.

    Also I had payment demands from them even though I was well in credit. Either due to wrong estimated readings or the fact I paid less for Gas in the summer because of a credit rating. This appears inflexible from them. However my long term custom and credit ratio counts for nothing and they will get heavy handed at the first sign of a dip on the system.

  39. Annette Cree says:

    I would be grateful if you could let me know how to change from pre-paid meters to dry meters and if there would be a charge for having this done.

  40. Susan Green says:

    I have had estimated bills and one that I have read for the last 6 years not once till august this year did they write to me wanting to gain access. I made an appointment with them but had to cancel through work commitments I remade the appointment for 27th sep which was fine. Apart from the fact that the meter man came on the 23rd sep and climbed over my wall as I have 9ft metal gates which he had to gain access through my neighbours garden. I was not stopping them I had an appointment. My meter reading in june had been 117 ??? but after that meter man had been it was 127??? altogether a difference of 980 od units to eon I have not read my meter write for 5/6 years. They had also made a comment of how low my readings are. My house is up for sale and has been for 5 years I don’t live in and go back for my mail so what do they expect. I have been told that eon will read my meter again on 2 nov when I know that my gas and my reading will be high still from reading the meter in june to eon reading it in sep10 I some how consumed these units by not living there. They are saying I must of misread the meter for 5/6 years. I understand that people fiddle the meters etc but I am and have been a law abiding citizen and do not like what they are implying. Anyone got any ideas what I can do I’m at my wits end and it’s causing me sleepless nights and a lot of heart break.

  41. pauine says:

    I have just moved in to a new apartment and have just received my first bill from E.on and have been charged £65 for gas and hot water for six weeks this is without my electricity bill. The service charge is £240 per year, I find this to be bordering on the ridiculous.

  42. Pat Dalton says:

    You have overcharged me by £71.00 please pay back immediately, or I will change my supplier. I have made numerous phone calls without any satisfaction. I don’t think old ill people should be hassled like this

  43. Andrew Mitchell, Rochdale, Gt Manchester. says:

    The battery pack on my meter has failed. I waited 8hours yesterday for a spare to be brought. I rang again this morning to find out the problem. The switch board guy could not give me any answers. Just apologies. I dont think there are any service engineers working at the weekend. I’ll be changing my provider. Eon are s*** !

  44. margaret ince says:

    I changed to eon last aug when a man called at my door. He said that if I were to go onto age uk tariff my payments would be a fixed price for two years. Nothing was said about receiving exra bills. Since joining, and paying my regular direct debit I have had 2 bill totaling over £250. This was not what I was led to believe would happen. Switched today and if not satisfied again in 3 months will switch again. I will not be taken for a ride by anyone even tough I am over 70 years of age.

  45. ernesta says:

    I put my card in gas meter and on screen it shows fail card. What does it mean?

  46. nicole says:

    Just moved in to my new house, the old tenancy was with eon so I thought I would stick with them. Constantly getting bill after bill trouble from the start, fell behind on my payments had to go on pay as you go meter, cant wait till my bill has been paid off because as soon as it has I’m moving to britsh gas!!! that I was with at my old house for 9 years and never not once had a problem.

  47. Isabelle says:

    Have a prepayment meter for gas put money on, it first time worked perfectly now trying to top it up again and keeps saying card fail 35, can anyone let me know what the problem could be? Thanx

  48. clare says:

    Want a payment card for my gas, can’t afford to pay whole bill write off

  49. Erica smith says:

    I have a big problem. I need to know what to do, I seem to have misplaced my gas card. I have 4 kids one been a 2 year old baby and the weather ain’t warm at all, it’s really cold. I’m concerned that a card won’t be posted out in time as my gas does go fast and I’ve only £10 left on my card so please can u tell me how and where to get one from before I run out of gas please. I’m in Leeds. Thank u please help

  50. Andrei says:

    Can anyone tell who can I change from British gas to e on gas?

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