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SWALEC is part of the Scottish and Southern Energy Group (SSE). SSE has around 5 million energy customers.

Selling points

  • Free Air Miles are available to SWALEC customers, with added Air Miles bonuses for customers who buy their gas and electricity from them.
  • SWALEC also offers free Argos points for its customers.

Supplier services

  • Dual Fuel Dual Fuel
  • Green Green
  • Economy 7 Economy 7

Packages on offer

Electricity domestic standard

Standard electricity, where units are charged at the same rate, regardless of the time they are used.

Electricity Economy

This package is suitable for households where over 15% of electricity is used at night, as units are charged at a cheaper rate during the night-time.

Gas Standard

Standard gas, where units are charged at the same rate, regardless of the time they are used.

Nil service charge

For those who wish to pay only for units they have actually used.

Ways to pay your bill

  • Direct Debit
  • Postal Order
  • Cash
  • Cheque

Special Services

Energyplus Air Miles and Energyplus Argos are packages available that allow customers to collect Argos points and Air Miles every time they pay their bill.

28 responses to “SWALEC”

  1. Emily Wagstaffe says:

    Not impressed with the company at all, customer skills are very poor and over all help is weak.

    Also I have found this company to be expensive, have had a cheaper quote.

  2. Robert Prytherch says:

    The service that has been received from Customer Service is anything but satisfactory. After numerous telephone calls and letters since December of last year I am no further forward and still awaiting for my account to be sorted. What does one have to do to get their account sorted!!!!!!

    I am a dual fuel customer on a fixed rate until 2010, but am charged different rates to what I was first quoted. A breakdown of my account has been requested but to date have not received such.

    All I have had in the past is idle promises.


    Very dis-satisfied customer.

    My rate is NIL for Customer Services.

  3. Andrew Beddard says:

    Their customer service is appalling. Poorly trained staff able to ad lib and mess you around. 3 calls average 25 minutes each, one call cut off after queueing still possibly unresolved and comment was its a freephone number! One provider to avoid.

  4. William Carter says:

    I have been trying to get an up to date
    account from Swalec since Oct 2006. No reply to letters, no account, no service at all.

  5. Chris Henderson says:

    Hey Robert P. the best way to get this resolved if you haven’t tried this already is to contact EnergyWatch. They are the Regulators for the Gas and Electric market they number is 08459060708. I hope this helps.

  6. Francine Baker says:

    I have been trying to get a simple breakdown of my gas and electricity accounts since 1st January 07 but it seems very complicated. “What have I used and what I have paid?”
    Otherwise no complaint.

  7. David M Jones says:

    Hopeless service. Tried to get my account details on the web… the system wouldn’t accept my account number. Rang up. They said the kind of account I had “wasn’t registrable on the web”. Had to ask them to send a print out of my account charges by post. Very very poor service..

  8. M Burge says:

    I’ve not really had much dealings with swalec gas problems but when I did I was horrified that they don’t cover any kind of gas emergency ([quantum meter) after 2pm Saturday… My gas meter failed at 9.30pm on 22/12/07 (I have no gas, no heating, no means of cooking etc. I also had 2 kids in bed at the time) now because of the non existent emergency cover offered by swalec, I am expected to go with out heating, cooking facilities. My children are supposed to freeze and go with out hot water (baths, washing) even the emergency number for leaks were sympathetic but said only swalec could do anything about the meter. They informed me that they have numerous complaints along theses lines and that if more people complained swalec would have to offer a better (well a service full stop) service on weekends as they “swalec ” make more than enough money out of customers, more so out of quantum meter users, again scandalous!! Well I think swalec have just lost another gas customer, who knows while I’m at it, maybe I’ll change electricity suppliers too!!!

  9. Kevin Mcdonald says:

    Never have a Pre-payment meter, I don’t know what the hell is up. But I know I’m paying £70,00 a month, I just can’t afford it no more. I live alone, I just don’t know what to do no more.

  10. Gaynor Biggs says:

    We have been waiting for them to fix our heating system since before Christmas. Firstly they came out and inspected then said we have to order part, we had to wait 3 weeks then before for the Christmas and New Year to be over, then contacted them again to be told “oh the engineer will come out and see what part has to be ordered!!” My husband told them it had been ordered and as his day off is a Wednesday he wanted it done on that day, giving them 4 days notice. Engineer turned up changed the part, then declared it wasn’t that part that was faulty he would have to order a circuit board, he rang Scotland to be told they had one just outside Cardiff and would come back next day. A week later we are still without heating. Hubby rang them again and told them we want it fixed today as he’s off, it is now 6pm and still no sign of them or no phone call. This is an appalling service, definitely not to be recommended. One department doesn’t know what the other one’s doing and you can never get hold of the same person twice!!!

  11. Ann Thomas says:

    Excellent service. Great company, I am with Swalec for gas, electric, phone and central heating cover, the best of the best.

  12. Mike Poole says:

    Never had a problem with SWALEC. British Gas almost tempted me over before Christmas, but when they sent me a final reminder for a bill, which I hadn’t received for the second time, and was talked to like a dog, I may well try them for Gas as well!!

  13. Tim R says:

    Amazing company, been dealing with them for 4 years, always helpful , friendly… Can’t fault them in any way. Yeah don’t use pre pay meter, pay monthly!! Why do only people who like to whinge write on there pages. All UK call centres, always on hold for less than 5 mins. Why can’t all modern companies be like Swalec?

  14. Brian Anstice says:

    Recently changed over to Swalec Gas pre-payment meter, worst mistake ever, Bill for July to Oct was £142 on Old style meter monthly payment… so far since the 28th Nov till 9th Dec have used according to their pre-payment meter almost £80… and they claim, the usage is normal for this time of year… however we actually turned the boiler off yesterday and still used 10 units @ £5… overnight.

    Have now asked for Old style monthly meter back and been told it will be 6th Jan.. meanwhile I have to keep feeding the meter @ £5 a day.. it’s a total disgrace.. and NO, before anyone says, I do not have the heating on full all day.. and no I do not have my cooker on full all day… and have no other gas items to use it.

    Last year I was with British Gas, same size house, same radiators etc, and paid on average £26 a month normal weather and £40 a month in winter…

    Even allowing for increases of late, it doesn’t jump from £40 a month to £40 every 8 days.

    But Swalec claims ( or their Line Manager claims) £5 a day is the norm…

    I am obviously in the wrong job, if people can afford to pay £40 every 8 days to semi heat their homes… as my heating is seldom on for the money they charge me.

    What they did seem to assume was that on Average my usage according to meter was the same for most 3 bed houses… but like I tried to explain, NOT everybody uses the same… some like it hot others like it warm others prefer cold rooms…

    I will post back here what my meter readings are like on NON prepayment meter.
    If it doesn’t improve I will certainly be opting for a different supplier.
    Between July 08 to Oct 08 I used 351 units.
    So far according to prepayment meter between Nov 28th to Dec 10th I have used 115 units but only ever since the meter was changed.. on the 28th the weather didn’t suddenly get cold… it’s been cold right through late Sept and Oct…

    So for those that like to sing the praises of Swalec.. you must be lucky… I have not been happy so far with their service, or costs and as for phone calls to them, 5 mins?… last call wait was 21 mins… average is at leat 12 mins… you must have been very lucky to get a call answered in 5 mins or did you ring New Sales? as they answer almost immediately oddly enough…

  15. Andrea Rogers says:

    My daughter-in-law is heavily pregnant and lives at 53 Gwynedd Ave, she put £10 of gas in her Quantum machine, it took the money and then said battery fail so she had no gas at all and it was -5. She came to my house to telephone SWALEC and had to wait 35 mins on hold, when she finally got through they said the engineer would be out within 4 to 5 hours, this was at 25 to 8. I will let you know what time they turned up. If you ask me they should service these type of meters yearly because they are nothing but a nuisance.

  16. Bernard Haworth says:

    Have been trying since November 2008 to obtain details of the Boiler Maintenance /Service programme offered, after more phone calls than we can recall have still not received details. Initially the response on telephoning SWALEC was that Christmas was to blame for their failure to send details. Since Christmas it has been “put in the post”, “there is a 2 week backlog”, and “you will have to be patient.” Nearly 3 months later we are still being patient.

  17. Raymond Crowley says:

    Also I have found this company to be expensive, have had a cheaper quote. Not impressed with the company at all, customer skills are very poor and overall help is weak.

  18. Coral Powell says:

    I have been phoning swalec for days and days and unable to get though. It seems to me when u are selling you can get to talk but when you need any other help, it’s not easy to get it.

  19. Mrs J Salter says:

    I have a gas meter and am disabled, my meter had failed, I phoned transco as it was a Sunday afternoon and 20 hrs later I am still waiting for my heating to be put back on. They can’t treat people like this, the government should fine them, I have contacted swalec, waste of time.

  20. Lyndsi Richards says:

    This company is a complete laugh.
    I changed everything over to them, my electric, gas and telephone line.
    I live on my own and on benefits due to an illness so I don’t have much of an income, my gas is on a timer for 4 hours a day I do not use gas cooker so my gas is basically just heating and bathing, yet somehow its costing me 150 pounds a month! I’ve had to ask for help off my parents to help me pay for gas. I’ve contacted them but they are no help whatsoever. I do qualify for a discount of 25% as I’m on benefits but what’s this?? Still over 100 pounds a month for gas. I would like my gas to be on longer than 4 hours because I do get cold but I refuse as I dread to think how much gas I’d have to put in.

    As for their customer service, its disgusting, one member of staff had me in tears today with the way he spoke to me regarding a telephone bill. He made me out to be a complete and utter liar, I asked for the manager who wasn’t much help at all, she told me she would look into the situation and contact me back in an hour, I received no phone call back.
    I have now switched back to BT for my telephone line and will certainly be looking for a different gas and electric provider. Avoid this company if you can.

  21. Karl Meredith says:

    I have just moved in to a property swalec electric only 1bed cottage economy 7. I can’t find out anywhere what the peak/off peak times are, all I know is it has something to do with 7, is that for all electric or just the storage heaters and when is the best times to use electric after 7pm or before 7pm? I can’t really rate you as I have just joined your service but I will rate you 2.

  22. Lisa Cantelo says:

    I’m paying £71.00 per month, now they say the want 100.00. My two sons have left home and I live on my own and I work shifts, I had a cheaper quote and leaving swalec.

  23. Craig Hope says:

    I have rang swalec three times this morning, first they sent out a new gas card to me by van. Tried to get it working no luck. When I phoned back they told me there’s nothing they can do until Monday, it is now 5pm Saturday and I am supposed to wait until then, no chance.

  24. Mariannedraper says:

    I emailed swalec over 2 weeks ago to enquire over the social tariff, no reply as yet but I’m sure would be onto me if was an unpaid bill I was referring to.

  25. J Wilkinson says:

    I have been with them since I moved into this house… rates sky rocketed, I couldn’t maintain the payments on my sole income which was taken off me thanks to a crippling back complaint, and now they are charging me and my young family well over £60 per week!!!!
    In the summer when we weren’t here and only had the fridge freezer on i was still being charged nearly £40 a week! I know one freezer doesn’t use that much!
    Several phone calls and being fobbed off by several customer services reps who all think that £60 a week is reasonable I have given up with the low life workers and am going straight to the chief exec John Roberts and the Chairman Iain Evans.
    About time this company stood up and stood by its fuel poor charter….!

  26. Gaynor Osullivan says:

    Excellent customer skills. My problem was sorted out very fast and the the person I spoke to was very helpful.

  27. JTO says:

    Whatever you do – do not accept one of those gadgets that measure electricity.

    I did and my Argos points account was closed and another account started.

    As I save up my Argos points yearly for Xmas, I would have been surprised at the end of the year to find I had no points at all. (It’s usually around £60.)

    SWALEC admitted that my account had been switched without my knowledge or agreement but I’d advise anyone on Argos points to check and see if they are still receiving them.

  28. cutter says:

    I have only been living in my flat 7 months, they are now saying I owe £146.41, for a one bed flat I am using £45.00 of Gas per month, they say I am on the best tariff. Can anybody suggest an alternative with paying £34 per month direct debit?

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