Cambridge Gas and Electricity

Cambridge Gas and Electricity are no longer trading.

They have been taken over by Southern Electric.

80,000 customers from Cambridge Gas and Electricity were acquired by the Southern Energy group at the end of 2002, joining 5 million customers already served by Southern Electric.

Please see the Southern Electric page for company and contact information.

3 responses to “Cambridge Gas and Electricity”

  1. Jolene Hills says:

    My gas contract is due to run out in November. I am currently with British Gas business. I was hoping for a quote for your gas only please. Thank you

  2. David bishop says:

    I am replacing a kitchen and the big old gas meter is in the way. We are electric only so dont need the meter. Can you quote me to A. Remove and cap off the gas supply. B. replace the meter a new slimline model in case we ever decide to use gas in the future. Thank you

  3. Sarah says:

    I’m currently with Edf energy as my gas supplier and am paying £88 a month! Wondered if you have a better offer. Thanks

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