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EDF Energy is one of the UK’s largest energy companies in the UK and is the new name for the merged London Electricity and Seeboard Group of companies.

EDF energy generate around 7% of the UK’s electricity and over a quarter of the UK Population depend on them for their electricity. The company employ 11,3000 people and supply energy to approximately 5 million customers through their retail brands.

EDF Energy encompasses London Energy, SWEB Energy and Seeboard Energy as well as having its own EDF Energy customers which were formerly Virgin HomeEnergy customers.

Selling points

  • Large well established energy company.
  • Offer priority services to elderly and disabled customers.
  • Points for Nectar card holders.

Supplier services

  • Dual Fuel Dual Fuel
  • Online Online

Packages on offer

Standard Gas Tariff

There are two gas tariffs depending on whether you only have your gas supply with EDF or whether you are a duel fuel customer. For both tariffs you pay a set rate for the first 1465 kWh you use each month then a lower amount from any additional units used. There are discounts for paying by Direct Debit and if your gas supply is part of a duel fuel arrangement.

Online tariffs

Make life easier by putting in your meter readings and changing account details online.

Direct Debit Tariffs

Benefit from discounts when paying your bills by direct debit

Dual Fuel Tariff

Take both gas and electricity from EDF Energy and get a discount when paying with cash, cheque or prepayment. Benefit from further duel fuel discounts when paying by monthly Direct Debit in addition to your monthly Direct Debit discount for each fuel.

Prepayment Tariffs

After installation of a prepayment meter, customers can pay for their gas and electricity as they use it with no need for bills or meter reading. Prepay customers pay for their energy at exactly the same rate as other customers, so are not penalised for their choice of payment method.

Ways to pay your bill

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Direct Debit
  • Debit/Credit card
  • Prepay

Special Services

EDF Energy offer a Priority Services option for customers who are elderly, sick or disabled. Once registered for this, customers will be able to take advantage of:

  • Password scheme – private word only known by yourself and EDF Energy that can be used to ascertain whether visitors to your house are genuine London Energy representatives.
  • Minicom system for those with textphones.
  • Talking, large print and Braille bills for customers with sight difficulties. Larger text also offered on the website.
  • Audio copies of information booklets.
  • Special controls and adapters for gas and electric appliances.
  • If you rely on electric equipment for health reasons (nebulisers, ventilators etc), London Electric can inform you of planned supply interruptions in advance.
  • Bill sent to another address.
  • Meter Reading Services

42 responses to “EDF Energy”

  1. Bianca Whittle says:

    EDF is saving me a fortune on my bills. I am all electric and with 2 people in the house in the week, 4 on the weekends, I only pay £45 a month. Free phone number helps my phone bill as well and I get nectar points!

  2. Patricia Elaine Jenkins says:

    This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. A complete fiasco. Will not read meters, withdraws large amounts from bank account with NO justification. No help for customers living abroad. Zero rating for service. Obstructive and non co-operative.

  3. Leanne Chikadaya says:

    They took too much money off my pre-paid meter and now have left me and 2 small children without elec. for the weekend, apparently nothing they can do. What a load of RUBBISH. Don’t change to this company.

  4. Graham Fernihough says:

    Just moved to edf, if entered details on uswitch site stating southern supplier cheaper, online tariff shows saving £59/year
    but enter edf standard tariff as details won’t appear, plus contacted edf as not available on their site and they can’t offer it. Sharp practice or another way of penalising existing customers?
    I shall keep my eyes open and when lower oil prices finally filter through move away and advise all edf customers to do the same.

  5. Benice Mason says:

    Currently with e.on, would like to change to edf for both electricity and gas. What do I do and are there any charges with the switch over?

  6. Miss Lura Fox says:

    Well, I lost may gas card and had just topped it up £10 and have the receipt, I called the customer help line and was told to wait 24 hr in the cold with two young children till it comes in the post and that I will not be getting the money I had put on it back as I lost the card. Edf still get my money. I feel very unhappy with the customer service and that I’m just giving them money for nothing.

  7. Graham Jennings says:

    They have withdrawn a huge amount of money from my account without any prior warning. I am abroad and have no way of contacting them to clear up the mess that they have created. Under what circumstance is that acceptable!

  8. Colin Course says:

    Do not know what’s going on but edf are saving me a fortune, touch wood, though they have sent me correspondence to say they can’t find any proof of my payment key. Don’t care I will keep quiet till they come knocking on my door. I was with southern they were costing me a fortune no joke. I am on a meter. I do hope this is legit but my guess is it’s different for all customers. Still it’s great for me.

  9. Mark Lakeland says:

    I switched to EDF from Southern Electric. My gas bill is about the same, but the electric is about half what I used to pay. Would recommend EDF any day.

  10. Charlie Bain Smith says:

    These people are total sharks. I had a pre-payment meter installed three years ago for gas. I moved a year ago and I received a bailiff’s letter demanding I paid approx £250 to clear my account. When I contacted EEDF, they gave me three conflicted pieces of info, that I owed them nothing, that I owed them approx £260 and later approx £90. They then said they had put the bailiffs on me because they had no record of my address. I pointed out to them that I was still a customer! They still haven’t sent me a bill for what I am supposed to owe them and I am being hassled by their debt collectors. Avoid this company is the kindest thing I can say about them.

  11. M Clark says:

    Edf offer poor customer service. Advise them I was unable to pay a large bill on the date (bill due to underestimating from them, they estimated I owed just over £4, I pay monthly direct debit, to an actual reading to being nearly £400) and therefore told them not to take it out of my account. Told them I would contact them in 2 weeks to try and sort out the money. Phoned them on the date I said and said I have managed to borrow the money and can pay then at the end of the week. Unkown to me they had already tried to take the money out that date which the bank refused leaving me with a charge. Nothing was mentioned when I rang that morning and have been told that they never said they wouldn’t take the money out when I clearly stated to them that there was no money available. I would NOT recommend EDF to anyone.

  12. M Clark says:

    After having spoken to the manager I was able to get my bank charges reduced of my bill.

  13. Mrs J Lock says:

    Moved to EDF some months ago and been saving £15.00 a month on gas and electric with them. Have always been very helpful over the phone. Brilliant Company!

  14. Patrick says:

    I have switched to prepayment meter for my EDF electricity on 27th august 2010 and every time I top up my key meter the money seems to indicate accepted on the meter itself but also on my online account the same reflects as payment of my previous account up to the point they exchanged my meters. I RANG THEM to tell them of this and also arranged to pay of the previous debt separately but it seems no one is listening. IT was my decision to go for prepayment and am left wondering if I made the right decision..
    BUT ON THE bright side I can say that am happy so far because ON the day they changed my meter the installer put in 25 pounds to set me up before my key for charging arrived.
    The key came 5 days later and I immediately put in 20 pounds on 3rd September 2010, then another 10 pounds on 13th September and then another 15 pounds on 15th September. That makes as total of 70 pounds worth of prepayment electricity. AS of today the 17th of September the meter is showing a credit balance of 42 pounds worth available energy which means that in the last 22 days I have only used up 28pounds of energy. So at this rate I do not see myself using more than 40 pounds of electricity energy every month while previously while I was on quarterly bills which were always in debit no matter how much I paid monthly.
    To me the quarterly billing system is daylight robbery by these energy companies.

  15. Aussie977 says:

    Because I have the same name as the previous tenant, they assumed I was related, so passed their debt to me. Installed a pre payment meter without my knowledge. I PUT 10.OO IN AND GOT 2.94 GAS. In the hands of a lawyer now as EDF have conflicting attitudes to the problem, and their staff are so rude. Wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole.

  16. John Thomas says:

    Have been with edf for a year, they seemed good but became expensive recently. Luckily I acted just in time this august and secured a capped tariff with ovo (which they have now withdrawn from general sale). Edf are pushing up their standard tariff, got a letter today telling me prices are going up by 2.6 percent (the first of many no doubt)so glad we ‘re not with them now.edf wanted 190 per month from us for dual fuel, ovo are taking 138 permonth for the same thing and even that seems a bit too much but they will adjust it downwards if consumption is less than estimated..our advice keep shopping around on the net as deals do come and go with little fanfare so you have to dig them out good luck

  17. Caroline Clark says:

    Switched in june of this year 2010 put heating on for first time on tuesday used a pound an hour. Phoned them and was told you must have an old boiler. My boiler was installed 2009 and had its first check in august of this year now in process of changing to another company.

  18. Amy says:

    EDF are absolutely the worst ever energy company I have ever had to deal with. It takes them about 3 attempts to send you the correct bill. They send red letters for money you don’t owe. They send letters for 20 quid to pay if you don’t give us a meter reading. We get bills quarterly then another one week after for 19 quid. I mean what is going on! Changing to British Gas.
    EDF, you suck!

  19. Phil Andrews says:

    EDF customer service is non-existent. I’ve spent over an hour and a half one day, an hour and 25 minutes last night (2 calls of 25 minutes and 1 hour 3 minutes respectively) and 40 minutes this morning (2 calls of 20 minutes each) and still never spoken to anyone – just on hold. E mails go unanswered. If I was able to move without incurring penalties, I’d move back to British Gas like a shot.

  20. Deb Manchester says:

    On pre payment meters and EDF are brilliant. British gas (who i was with before) a rip off. Electricity so cheap. Gas if on all day £2.00. 😉

  21. Ralph Eaton says:

    On 8 February 2011 EDF sent me a bill that was wrong, the bill before this went up to 19 October this new bill started from the 12 October so they were trying to charge me twice for period from 12 October to 19 October. I contacted them and informed them he bill was wrong. On the 23 February they sent a Notification of legal action for non payment of the bill they had issued just 15 days earlier on the 8 February the Notification threatened entry by warrant. KEEP WELL CLEAR OF EDF

  22. James says:

    Myself and my partner have being attempting to get a final bill from EDF for over 7 weeks now so we can reclaim the deposit (around £600) on the flat we moved out of in April. The customer service department are either completely incompetent by not processing the information we give them (meter readings, change of address etc) or, I suspect, not processing the info at all because they can’t be bothered to do it, despite over half a dozen calls to them from myself and my partner. Either way, it’s an unacceptable service from a supposedly trusted supplier and I recommend that anyone thinking of changing their electric/gas supplier stay well clear of them as their business practice appears to be incompetent at best, and at worst downright dishonest. Given that EDF were charged with deliberately overcharging customer in France a few years ago I wouldn’t be surprised if something it was a deliberate move to overcharge customers. Also, they overcharged us on our bill last year by around £300 which resulted in over £60 pounds worth of bank charges that we shouldn’t have had to pay in the first place.

  23. John says:

    20-06-11 I recently switched to British gas for a considerably cheaper dual fuel tariff. EDF Energy keep chasing me for an unpaid electricity bill. They owe me a greater amount from an overpaid gas bill.
    On 18-05-11 they agreed on the telephone that one would cancel the other and the balance would be repaid to my bank account- not done as at 20-06-11!!
    I have emailed themm via my their web-site, and also written to them, but they still send threatening letters.
    I am considering action against them, as I cannot get through on the telephone any more – at least 15 minutes of unanswered call every time.
    Don’t even consider getting a supply from them.
    Is this how they treat their customers in their home country?
    Absolutely diabolical service.

  24. Karen says:

    I have been with EDF for about 3 years now. Had a meter reading whenever the chap called…EDF never received their readings and we ended up £400 in debt!!
    Was on their fixed tariff, but that’s ended now.
    Have NOT had a bill since before September LAST YEAR! Have sent cards back with meter readings…still no bill.
    Have been trying to contact them for a month now, ringing every day. Must have cost them an absolute fortune though, as it’s a freephone number and I have listened to their crappy music for around 30 minutes every time, oh plus the tart who interrupts it apologising for the delay.
    Going to change supplier, but who the hell do you choose?!!
    Gas and Electric are just an absolute rip off…like everything else in this country!!

  25. yh748964a says:

    I am in process of transferring to EDF as energy supplier. They sent me an email today with a link to MyAccount service. Clicked on link and got message saying “systems down”. Tried to contact using provided phone number. Waited over 30 minutes for reply. They wanted a meter reading which I could not give because “systems down”. Requested name and direct telephone number of Customer Services manager. They refused. Never have I had such appalling treatment from any organisation. Don’t touch this lot with a bargepole. Their website is rubbish characterised by many simpe spelling errors. Unfortunately I am legally bound into their contract because their “cooling off” period has passed.

  26. vob says:

    Nightmare to get through to customer services. regretting switching to them already!

  27. JK says:

    EDF really are appalling. Their customer service is shockingly bad and they are completely unable to sort out a bill. I had to ring them four or five times to get one bill done correctly, and moving home was a nightmare. I would not recommend them to anyone. Ever.

  28. REX BURTON says:

    I joined EDF last year having talked to one of their reps in Sainsburys, Rugby. The deal seemed reasonable, £20 per month for gas, £20 per month for electricity. I have just received a demand for re-adjustment of my account for gas demanding first £90 per month then a week later, £110 per month. What’s going on?

  29. Sharon says:

    I have been told you are launching a reduction in energy bills to customers who have a disabled person resident in their home, we have a disabled son how do we go about applying for this reduction?
    We have been with EDF a while and are very happy recently one of your telephone operatives pointed out that the econemy 7 meter and tarif was not the best option for us and recomended a change of meter, this has resulted in a drop in our direct debits and is saving us money, thank you EDF.

  30. Guy says:

    I have recently switched from EDF energy to OVO. I have always paid my bills for EDF via direct debit. I then had a massive shock when I received a letter through the post from EDF (22 Oct) saying ”notice of legal action”. The letter states they have tried to contact me a number of times to remind me i have an outstanding bill. They stated the bill was now so overdue they would be taking legal action and enter my premises on the 29th October. I obviously immediately paid this bill via debit card. I assumed my bill would be paid by direct debit, logged on to ”myaccount” to check and the bill was there issued on the 5th Oct and Due on the 19th Oct. Thisnotice of legal action letter was sent on the 19th. Yet they state they have tried contacting me several times?! I received no telephone calls and no letters. I really do hope this hasn’t affected my credit rating?

  31. Ms Dixon says:

    Currently waiting for a gas meter replacement by EDF. After it was stolen on 19th October 2011.
    After notifying everyone could not understand why it is taking so long to replace it and why EDF and Gas Emergency Service cannot decide who was suppose to replace it. I am carer and found it distressing and as my brother who has learning disabilities. We are told to wait until Monday as it is not seen as an emegency.

  32. Ms Dixon says:

    The update about my gas meter replacement is that the next available appointment for this
    would be November 4th 2011!

  33. Ms Dixon says:

    Maybe there is an impression that I am a lady of leisure who can afford to dine out everyday. especially without a microwave.
    The reality is that I cannot afford this, going without gas. As for brother he is anxious.
    Had to call consumer direct.

  34. Andy G says:

    I have spent hours & hours trying to get through to “customer service” just excuse after excuse about their poor system and soon they will have a new system!. Meanwhile, no matter how slow they are at answering their phone calls. They are fast enough to pass your details to a debt collection agency when you can’t get through to them to pay your bill. Totally incompetent “customer service” staff when you do finally get to speak to someone. “customer services” may need to consider rebranding themselves “customer no-services”. Where’s the star rating for minus stars?

  35. june wheeler says:

    Tried to submit meter readings on line got absolutely nowhere,they have also increased my monthly debit payment without contacting me first. Anyone know of a reliable energy company? I am having to do a1 star rating why? as I do not feel edf deserve any rating.

  36. ella farmer says:

    One wk I put 10 on and it’s fine .. next wk I put 10 on again the meter runs straight through, then top up again and left with 3 credit and no emergency. It’s been like this for quit a few months. Anybody else having this prob ???

  37. Mo says:

    Absolutely ridiculous I live overseas and have been trying to pay a deceased person’s bill – i’m kept on hold for 45 minutes from North America. I have had to Beg FOR THE bill then they send it with no address for me to return it to. THE PEOPLE who answer the phone don’t take the information properly. It takes 10 days or more for them to reply to an email.

  38. T E Cawthra says:

    I still cannot view my bill and the way I have worked it out by deducting the £19.36cr from the£747 that I had paid into EDF means My bill must have been in the region of £728 must be an error please check again

  39. T E Cawthra says:

    I have been trying for over two weeks to find out what my bill is and I still don’t know what it is. I have regestered with EDF and still unable to view my bill. I have been with this company since they bought out London Electric whom I was with for years before

  40. Nikki says:

    EDF Energy supply my Gas & Electricity and believe they have correct procedures to break into a vulnerable adult’s home to do visual inspections! I was assaulted and EDF believe they followed their procedures correctly!

    I am on Pre-Payment Meters Pay as You Go system and I am NOT in debt.
    I am a widower with 3 children. I sustained injuries from the assault. Myself and my children have been left traumatized.
    EDF were made aware of my circumstances many years ago, informing them that I am a vulnerable adult.

    Formal complaint was made and they were unable to provide me with satisfactory answers. The Energy Ombudsmen have now got involved. Case with Police and still ongoing.

    Beware! EDF uses violence and this is how they treat their valued customers!!

  41. lianne says:

    Hi yes I also have been putting 10 pounds on my gas card and it shows 3 pound and says emergency credit used !! …I’ve emailed EDf and rang them. Each time they’ve said they will ring me back and they have not, I’m fed up and cold.

  42. very upset says:

    Edf is the biggest joke I have heard of and if I had a choice I would never use their service and for sure do not recommend them !!

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