My boiler is making a funny noise

Step 1

Firstly, shut down the power to the boiler. The noise is more often than not due to “kettling”, which is simply the term used to describe a chugging noise made by the boiler, often when the pilot light first ignites.

Step 2

Air may be trapped inside the boiler. Locate the air bleed screw on the pipe work around the cylinder. This will be about 10cm of piping that has a screw you can bleed at the top. Vent the excess air by turning the screw.

Step 3

Check that you have enough water going inside the (feed and expansion) tank, which is normally in your loft. It might be clogged up with sludge. Removing the sediment by flushing the system might sort the problem.

If you know you have a pressure system, check the pressure is at the right level. If you know you have an open-vented system, check the in-feed to the expansion tank.

Over-flow won’t stop running

All the water that enters your hot water and heating system is introduced via the water tank which is usually located in the loft. The tank contains a ball-cock, like the one you would find in a toilet cistern, which ensures the water is always at the correct level. If the ball-cock jams or becomes stuck, the water may continue to flow unchecked.

Step 1

Check the ball-cock to see if it is jammed.

Step 2

If accessing the ball-cock is tricky, turn off the valve beside the tank, which controls the inflow of water. Does this stop the over-flow from running?

If you have an immersion tank, where the water is heated inside, don’t attempt to tackle the problem without a plumber to hand.