Moving House

If you are moving house you will need to find out who supplies gas to the property you have just purchased. Follow these steps and finding out who supplies your gas and changing your supplier when you move will be easy.

  1. Get in touch with your gas supplier to let them know that you will be moving home at least two days before you move.
  2. Arrange with your supplier for a final meter reading to be taken. From this they will calculate your final bill, closing all outstanding debts with them. Make your own records of final meter readings so you can check your supplier’s calculation of your final bill.
  3. Find out which company supplies gas to your new home. You should be able to discover this easily enough from the landlord or agency, or from previous owners, or previous tenants. If this is impossible, ring the Meter Number Helpline 0870 608 1524. They will be able to tell you who your supplier is.
  4. Take down the gas meter reading and contact your new supplier with this information as soon as you move in. They will use this to calculate your initial bill. Again, keep your own records of the meter reading so you can check the supplier’s calculation of your initial bill. See our meters page for help reading your gas meter.

Failure to notify your old supplier in time can result in higher bills. Failure to notify your new supplier of initial meter reading can also result in higher bills. Once you are settled in your new house find out as soon as possible if changing your supplier could save you money. If you are interested in changing your gas supplier you will find a full list of energy companies here. Always follow our save electricity tips to help reduce your bills and help the environment.