Scottish Power becomes third company to hike energy bills

October 25, 2012 at 10:22 am

It looks like energy customers are going to have to get used to the idea of paying higher energy bills just as the weather starts to turn cold, now that Scottish Power has become the latest energy company to increase its prices.

From December 3 onwards, 2.3 million Scottish Power customers paying for both gas and electricity are to see their bills go up by an average of 7%. The average annual dual fuel bill will rise to £1,271, and direct debit customers will see an average increase of 8.7%.

The rise is apparently due to increased costs in a range of areas including transporting power to homes. Neil Clitheroe from Scottish Power said “we regret that we have had to announce a price increase”.

The move follows increases from British Gas and Npower, and follows a similar pattern to previous energy rises where all of the larger power companies seem to increase their prices at the same time. Consumer groups have also complained that the latest round of price increases are coming into affect just before the cold winter months.

British Gas recently announced that it will be increasing its bills by 6% from November 16, adding an extra £80 onto the average dual fuel bill. Npower has announced that its gas prices will be going up 8.8% and its electricity prices by 9.1% from November 26.

Scottish Power has confirmed that it will be writing to the customers who have been affected to explain what the increases mean. However, the focus for customers will once again be on reducing their power usage by considering options such as using better insulation in the home and turning down their thermostats.

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