Remote-controlled heating launched by British Gas

July 18, 2012 at 10:14 am

As energy bills continue to rise, it seems that everyone is on the lookout for ways to cut back on energy usage and save a few pounds. Now British Gas has launched a new service that it says will allow customers to do just that.

The company has just released a new tool that will allow people to control their heating and thermostats remotely using nothing but a mobile phone.

British Gas claims that the technology could enable people to make savings of up to £140 a year on their gas bills by turning off their heating when they are not in.

However, the new service will not be free. It will cost £149 for customers paying for a new central heating system alongside it, £199 for British Gas customers and £229 for customers of other power companies (all prices include installation).

Using smartphones, laptops or iPads, customers will now be able to turn their heating on and off when they need to, and apps will allow them to control their thermostats. Even reducing the thermostat by one degree can significantly reduce energy costs, so this innovative idea could well lead to savings for some people, even if it takes a while to offset the original cost of the device.

There are also suggestions that people should do more to remember to turn down their thermostats and turn off their heating before they go out rather than investing in a new system, and that this may be the best way overall to save money.

However, it shows innovation and could be a sign of things to come now that smartphone ownership and home broadband are so widespread. It also helps people to become more aware of the energy they are using and could help them to save more.

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